Our Hope

We are grateful for your interest in our ministry. Whether you are here as a recipient of services, volunteer, donor, friend or community agency, we value you and your time spent here learning about Take Heart Ministries.

​Since the beginning, we have desired to serve women who are homeless and/or in transition as women are all in need of love, respect, dignity, and restoration. As we have experienced this in our own lives we seek to be a tool to allow all women access to this freedom in life. By providing a practical resource, tampons and pads, to those who may not have access to them we feel we can begin to positively shape the lives of women in our community.

Love Totes

This is the primary outreach of Take Heart Ministries — A way to connect and initiate relationships with these women.

What’s Included?

Our Purple Drawstring Backpack Includes:

  • One month’s supply of tampons and pads
  • Feminine cleansing wipes
  • Box of Granola Bars
  • Bottled Water
  • ​Dignity and Hope

Pam McKown


Pam has always had a heart for social issues and bringing justice and hope to those in need. She received her Masters in Social Work at Baylor University. Since graduation she has pursued being a real and authentic partner to journey with those suffering from mental health. She is currently a therapist at Journey Counseling Center.

In January 2015, Pam was humbled by becoming aware of the need women who are homeless have in addressing a way to handle their menstrual cycle in a sanitary way. God never let her forget this need and He has paved the way for the pursuit of this ministry and continues to push the momentum and passion.  In partnership and shared passion with Amanda Haygood, Take Heart Ministries was officially formed in June 2015. Take Heart was founded on a foundation of women being connected through honesty, authenticity, service and love among all women

Pam lives in Waco and enjoys life with her 3 boys–husband, David and two sons, Matthew and Taylor.

You may email her at [email protected].

“Bring your brokenness and I’ll bring mine, because love can heal what hurt divides. And mercy’s waiting on the other side, If we’re honest.”

Francesca Battistelli


"Take heart,
your faith
has restored you"

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To build dignity, improve health, and restore hope to women who are homeless or in transition by providing them with female products.