Building Hope

The Future

Take Heart is committed to meeting women’s needs through providing for their intimate needs during menstruation. We also want to be progressive and innovative in bringing awareness to the needs of women who are homeless as well as developing programming to further meet these needs.


Daughters of The King…this is what binds us together as women. Though we may come from different places, different backgrounds, and experiences we all come together in our need of a Savior in Jesus Christ. In the midst of our varying journeys, all women desire someone to be there to love them but also to BELIEVE in who they are as a daughter of the King. The world tells us everything we are not and we need that one woman to be voice that tells us who we are.

This program is a way for women to be connected and journey with each other for at least a year. After being trained, women will be intentionally connected and spend time in Bible study, prayer, and doing life together. Each woman will commitment to be a forever believer in the woman God has created her friend to be.

If interested in hearing more about this program, please call or email us for further information.

Fill-A-Trailer Program

Calling all businesses, organizations, churches!!!! Do you think you have what it takes to fill a trailer full of products needed for Take Heart?!?!?! WE THINK YOU DO!

We would like to utilize a gift given to us to help spread awareness around the community by being parked in different places, but more so to engage the community in providing for the products being used in Love Totes. We can park our trailer in front of you business and for a week at a time we will be challenging you to fill the trailer full!! We can provide help with outreach and announcement of this fun and engaging fundraiser through handouts, emails, or speaking to your group.

Help us Fill-A-Trailer for all women who are homeless and in need of love in the Waco area. Your donations will go directly into the hands of those who need it by doing this practical fundraiser.

Neighborhood Bible Studies
Health Education

Take Heart is working to partner with local healthcare providers to provide quarterly health education to women who are homeless. Because of the lack of proper resources, many women are left to unsanitary ways to deal with their period which creates needless health issues to deal with. Many women are forced to deal with chronic illness (diabetes, pain, hypertension, etc) without adequate resources.

Take Heart will host educational talks on how to deal with common illness, but also to provide screenings, resources to assist with health related issues, and ongoing support through medical professionals.

Expansion Outside of Waco


The need of homelessness is not unique to Waco, nor are the unique needs of menstruation while homeless new. Take Heart is housed in Waco and grateful to continue to discover need and service opportunity in Waco. But, we are eager to form partnerships in surrounding communities with agencies that serve the population of women who are homeless.

Financial Supporters

We currently have several individuals as well as churches who donate to Take Heart’s mission on a regular basis (both through money and products). Whether it is a fundraiser at a business, a line item of giving in the budget, or a product drive at a women’s ministry meeting—We can use your contribution.

Dignity, Hope, Restoration

Until the great mass of people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be achieved.


"Take heart,
your faith
has restored you"

Give Hope TODAY!
$10 Will Change a Woman's Life


To build dignity, improve health, and restore hope to women who are homeless or in transition by providing them with female products.